Private Brands
outweighing National
Brands in Style.


What sets us apart from the rest is our extraordinary ability to deliver true to the core of our operational motto of ensuring great value for money always. Currently we own and operate an ever-expanding set of private brands with more than 150 highly scrutinized SKUs through in-depth Research and QA/QC at all levels of production and distribution. The trendsetting range of private brands are panned across different categories ranging from Fresh Food, Canned Foods, Oil, Sugar, Spices and Pulses,Detergents, Health and Beauty to Key Department Store lines such as Electronics, Appliances, Household Items and many more. This stupendous milestone is achieved through concentrated works on different phases of the product development and deployment. No middlemen in the trade and mass production through own factories proved to be the key turnaround points for us to thrive like no one else did before. With an emphatic turn around in a short span, our Private Brands are expected to surpass all forecasts in the years to come by.