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We strongly believe that happy associates are the secret to
organizational success and therefore, we place great emphasis
on attracting, retaining and rewarding high-quality talent.
To create optimal working conditions for our team members while
fostering an environment that’s conducive towards their overall
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Talent Acquisition

We don’t hire just to fill a position. In fact, our talent acquisition team looks for more human elements such as transferable skills, potential to excel and willingness to grow. Once we find the right associate for our ever-expanding team, he/she is taken through a mandatory 3-month induction period, to help them understand our business and the role’s requirements. This induction takes place at the Regency Academy, our specialized house for orientation and skill development. The learning process doesn’t just end here. Every associate is given ample on-the-job training to be better equipped with the changing dynamics of business and strategy

Skill Advancement Workshops

We offer our associates abundant opportunities to develop and enhance their skills. To facilitate this, we conduct regular skill development workshops to empower every team member to rise beyond their capabilities. Periodical assessments and performance reviews help us reward high-performing associates, as well as understand the challenges of individual members. The results of our “associates audit” help us create the next best plan of action. This may involve assigning senior team members as mentors or enrolling them into skill development programs that have proven to reduce friction at the workplace, significantly.

Retention and Team Building Efforts

Happiness and retention go hand-in-hand, and we, at Grand, take great care of our associates’ workplace. Our objective is to always maximize the retention rate by creating a friendly atmosphere, full of growth, productivity, motivation and team building activities. From team lunches to outings, each department head is tasked with conducting regular team-building efforts to keep the teams’ happiness levels optimized.

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We also take pride in offering a vibrant, multicultural work environment, where all associates can
thrive healthily. Our workforce is comprised of over 19 nationalities,
and our overall strength as a group is constantly increasing.

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