Today Grand Retail Store represents the future of smart retailing with 78 stores spread across the Middle East and India.
We are continuously exploring new market opportunities to provide our customers a unique and innovative shopping experience.

A Seamless Retail Experience

Retail shopping experience has evolved with rapid developments in technology.
Innovative mediums like online shopping have changed the traditional market landscape.
As a customer focused company, we are constantly adapting to their changing habits and
behaviors to ensure maximum convenience and seamless services

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At Grand, we embrace our role as a responsible corporate citizen of the social environment we operate in. Our commitment to responsible retailing is an important business principle and a key element that defines our brand.
We believe that by adopting the green philosophy, organizations can achieve increased profitability and environmental sustainability at the same time. By going green, we’re better able to offer good quality products to satisfy the increasing demand for safe-practices retailing and organic produce. These eco-friendly business elements help us contribute towards the prevention of environmental degradation, while creating a sustainable environment for people to live in
  • Recycling paper, plastic, aluminum, ink cartridges and other paraphernalia.
  • Reusing packing materials, advocating the usage of recyclable plastic ackaging and paper bags
  • Encouraging double-sided printing as much as possible to halve paper consumption.
  • Promoting a paperless culture - reducing the use of paper by going digital for bill payment, invoices, vendor orders, flyers and vouchers.
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Deploying energy-efficient lighting systems, PCs, printers, refrigerators and other office equipment to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Ensuring electrical efficiency of mechanical equipment through regular maintenance.
  • Production of toxin-free garments at our special eco-friendly facility.
  • Encouraging the procurement and consumption of organic food and free-range livestock.


We focus on meeting the needs of customers by providing a broad selection of farm fresh, high-quality products from local markets and also directly sourced from Europe, Asia, Far East, North America and Africa.
  • Farming
  • Harvesting
  • Packing
  • Store
Costo is our brand new retail concept that focuses on a cost efective, neighborhood grocery experience.
It’s been designed with customers and their requirements at the core of all operations. In other words, it’s a value-centric daily purchase store that caters to the everyday needs of customers in close vicinity.Costo has been conceptualized as a no-frills, retail store that offers discounts and extra value to customers, with the help of private label products. It will cater to categories like fresh, food and non-food items, butchery, fishery, household, fashion, footwear, electronics, mobile phones, and laptops. Perishable goods like farm produce, and meat are exclusively flown in from around the globe on a daily basis to offer uncompromised quality at the best price. Our specialized product procurement team handpicks all Costo products, to make sure customers get the best value for their money. Our private label brands eliminate additional layers of logistics and distribution, resulting in reduced prices and faster stock replenishment.
If there’s one thing Costo promises, it is – best quality t the best prices.


At Grand, we embrace our role as a responsible corporate citizen of the social environment we operate in. Our commitment to responsible retailing is an important business principle and a key element that defines our brand.
We promote a paperless, eco-friendly work culture at all levels in the organization. The group employees over 100 IT professionals who ensure uninterrupted realization of our objectives. We’ve built a dedicated team of 15 software programmers that helps us develop customized solutions. Our IT infrastructure is among the best in the industry. It ensures seamlessness and convergence that facilitates procurement, placement and promotion of merchandise. Our retail ERP services create a platform for inventory management, pricing, warehouse management and back-office functions, including finance and HR.
Customer Insight
Customer Insight
Our access to valuable customer insights and behavioral analytics is instrumental in shaping our retail strategies, enabling us to create a customer experience like no other. This solution equips us with unprecedented control over data, which in turn helps improve operations, leading to a delightful customer journey, from start to finish and beyond.
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence centralizes information from across the enterprises and enables us to analyze and report it in ways that reveal fresh insights. It also supports faster and more effective decision-making. Our group has an independent analytics division operating in Bangalore, the IT capital of India.
Pricing Management
Pricing Management
Our Price Management systems help us experiment with a wide range of

pricing schemes to determine their impact on shopper satisfaction.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management
We have our specialized central warehousing and logistic system in each region. Being the supply chain centre for the GCC, Dubai is home to various large warehouses integrated with state-of-the-art logistics support and ERP Solutions. The Central Purchasing mechanism helps us gain a market advantage in prices through bulk purchases. We own a fleet of over 560 vehicles including trucks and pickups. We currently own 19 warehouses with a storage space of 1,014,022 square feet
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
With more than 87,000 SKUs, managing inventory in retail environment is a real challenge. With our indigenously developed systems and processes we make sure we’re always one-step ahead in tracking products, quality checks, expiration, disposal and replenishing stock with least interruption
E-commerce marketing
E-commerce marketing
Regency Group is taking significant strides towards e-commerce in our retail units. It occupies an important place in our future plans for the Group.


  • The nature of retail is changing, giving rise to unique opportunities for designing a new tech-fueled, customer-centered shopping experience.

    With an influx of a new generation of tech-savvy consumers, we take great pride in implementing digital transformation in our overall business strategy. At Grand, we’ve

    embraced the changing landscape of retail and have been making strides in digital projects that will completely revolutionize the retail experience.

    • Our digital prowess is demonstrated by the following elements:
      Our social media channels have a collective reach of more than 3 million people
    • We’ve interwoven artificial intelligence (ai) into our customer service and feedback systems in the form of conversational chatbots and smart messaging
    • We’ve integrated the Internet of Things (IoT) into our retail infrastructure and have digitized electrical assets like chillers, freezers, POS/card readers and cooling systems
    • The Grand Mobile app enables customers to experience the Grand convenience virtually through promotions, daily deals, and tracking of loyalty points.


Regency Group operates several other businesses offer support services for the flagship retail division.

Master Cut Tailoring works as an independent tailoring and garments production unit.  Our retail division generates makes over 15,000 uniforms for clients every year!!
Master Chef is an ISO 9001 catering company. With a central kitchen facility, Master Chef can serve upto 6,000 meals per day. This facility is also used for the Hot Food counters in our retail stores.
Grand Fresh Bakery is an independent industrial capacity bakery and confectionary. They mass produce, bread, confectionary and pastries and other freshly baked delicasies.
Regency trading is an independent trading division of our group and do wholesale business of foodstuff and other FMCG products. They also act as the import & logistic wing of our retail operations.
We own and operate a foodstuff packing unit in Dubai – UAE. They directly procure different varieties of pulses, spices, and sugar etc from source countries, process and package to sell in our own retail stores.

ZedEye Labs is a group of analytics geeks obsessed with creating products and platforms that drive real business value. With algorithms at the core of its operations, ZedEye Labs invests its efforts to generate measurable business value. It also functions as the analytics products and solutions provider for the Grand group retail divisions and is already transforming our retail functions and processes to the new digital era.

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